Angsana Corfu Resort, Greece

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I dive into the turquoise water and feel a gentle refreshment in my body, which slowly glides to the horizon. It literally floats through the infinity pool of the Angsana Corfu Resort and heads toward the end of this simulation. Only a few waves show that I am moving at all; otherwise, infinity lies before me. The deep blue of the Mediterranean and the rolling hills of of the Greek mainland, magically draw me to the other side. I only need to swim a little further, then I am part of this scenery and what will remain is a silhouette of flawless harmony. It’s this sight that won’t let me go and will drive me into the water every day anew.


The Angsana Corfu Resort is the new star in the Greek hotel sky and raises the standard for luxurious travel far above. Even the entrance to the spacious hotel lobby, could serve as the set for a James Bond movie and impresses with its clean lines and Mediterranean architecture, complemented by artwork and unusual sculptures. Except for a few golf carts taking guests to their villas or the private beach, no vehicle stays in the driveway for more than 2 minutes. Anything that would interfere with the perfect setting has no place at the Angsana, as it would detract from the feeling of Mediterranean ease. Similarly, the rooms and villas, purist in form, celebrate one thing above all: The view of the Mediterranean. In addition, there is this wonderful service, which reads all your wishes from your eyes and offers a feeling of heartfelt relaxation. Everything happens under the motto: relax and enjoy your stay, because there is no better place to be right now.


In his restaurant, Michelin-starred chef Ettore Botrini interprets Greek cuisine with elements from Italy. The result is a creative masterpiece that can be experienced à la carte or as a curated 11-course dinner. I opt for the beef carpaccio with feta and vegetables, the fish of the day with mozzarella cannolo and the wild strawberries with vanilla and port wine. This is by no means enough, as Ettore Botrini and his team conjure four more excellent appetizers and send me on a culinary journey from which I never want to return. But don’t worry, because the landing is soft, as the breakfast buffet also presents delicacies on a string of pearls. Not to fall into standards, just mention the freshly made crepes with sauce from the chocolate fountain or the wonderful Apple Crumble. In addition, there are egg dishes in any style and freshly squeezed juices for the vitamin balance. This is exactly how a day in paradise can begin.


Such a paradise also has its downsides, as the creators of the Angsana Corfu Resort have created a GYM with countless machines, weights and treadmills that literally screams to be used. Even the beautiful indoor pool demands lanes that want to be swum, so that I am on the verge of presenting myself sporty and active. But then I’m standing in front of this masterpiece of an infinity pool, which measures a good 70 meters in width and leads me directly onto the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. No one can separate me from this place anymore, even though it has its own private beach called Emerald Beach, which can be reached by golf cart shuttle.


The island of Corfu is synonymous with music and its countless orchestras, the name Spiros, which almost every second inhabitant here bears, and olive trees, of which there are several million on the island. About 10,000 of them belong to my host Spyros Dafnis, who invited me to taste olive oil at his Governor’s Olive Mill. The Dafnis family has been producing olive oil for over 100 years and in 2010 he and his brother George put the crown on the family tradition with the brand „The Governor“. They produce in a natural way one of the best oils in the world, which every year clears the prizes at major festivals. Meanwhile, they pass on their knowledge of the art of production to schools and partners in the region, so that the standard of quality on the island is improving more and more. Of course, the Premium Edition of „The Governor“ is also offered in the Angsana to bread and food and provides the special touch in taste.

But Corfu has much more to offer than olive trees and music, so I set off for the best beaches in the area. The most scenic with the name Porto Timoni Beach is located in the northwest of the island and is a so-called double bay, where you can choose between two opposite beaches, for sunbathing. A footpath leads from the village of Afionas in about 30 minutes down to the bay. A little easier to reach is Issos Beach, which with its 3 kilometers is one of the longest beaches on the island and borders directly on Lake Korission. Here you can take beautiful walks and dive into the crystal-clear water.

If you feel like a stroll through the city after relaxing at the Angsana, olive tasting at Governor’s Mill and beach life at Timoni, I recommend Corfu Town or Kerkyra, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its two large fortresses and historic old town. You stroll through the narrow streets with their small boutiques, souvenir stores and countless restaurants, and you are convinced that you will always discover something new. And while it is still tranquil and relaxed during the day, in the late evening the old town alleys are buzzing with life and you enjoy the fish and wine on a warm summer night. 


An incredible time is coming to an end and I let my eyes wander over the turquoise of the infinity pool one last time. There’s not a cloud in the sky, not a breeze to make me shiver. A few sailboats bob in the distance, otherwise there are only the rolling hills of mainland Greece to capture my gaze. I go into the refreshing water and swim towards the edge in large strokes. Piece by piece I get closer to it before it disappears into infinity and I become a part of this scenery. What remains is a silhouette of flawless harmony.  

This article was written at the invitation of Angsana Corfu Resort. Many thanks to the General Manager Michael Metaxas and the wonderful Anna Koppe from KPRN.

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